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T.M.C.L. - MUSIC is a Rockmusic Label in first place. Beside this the label endeavours to enhance your network in the world of music albeit we do not have ties all over the world. You don't a have to be a star or trying to become one if you want to contact us but maybe we can help with questions like this:

  • Are seeking other musicians to play with?

  • Do you want to found a band?

  • Do you intend to make a record?

  • Do you need support in picking suitable music studios?

  • Are you looking for high-level musicians for your project?

  • Do you wish to release your record with T.M.C.L. - MUSIC as your label and avoid additional costs for an IRSC (international records standard code)?

  • Are you trying to get more opportunities to play in public?

  • Do you want to take music lessons?

We do not guarantee the answers to all your questions but our goal is to bring people like me and you together who are interested in music.

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